After an Accident

Auto accidents: Even the most careful drivers may be involved. Knowledge of what to do after the accident can make the experience a little less frightening and decrease the chance of unnecessary complications.

    Check for injuries. Life and health are more important than damage to vehicles. Make note of specific damages to all vehicles involved.
    Write down the names, addresses and license numbers of persons involved in the accident. Also, write a description of the other vehicles.
    Call the police, even if the accident is minor.
    Jot down names and addresses of anyone who may have witnessed the accident. This can prevent disagreement concerning how the accident actually happened.


Other Do’s and Don’ts

    DO jot down details about the accident, the location, and circumstances such as weather conditions and visibility.
    DO notify your insurance agent about the accident immediately.
    DON’T sign any document unless it is for the police or your insurance agent